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Rims Available Separately

Nimble FLYTM and SpiderTM Rims.  Nimble proprietary rims are available for sale separately to wheel builders.  Each rim comes in a variety of configurations.  We strongly recommend you consult our technical staff to confirm the configuration choice for your  project.  We also sell our hubs separately (see price).

The FLY rim is easily one of the strongest rims made.  It is also extremely aero both head-on and side-on.  And at 340/310g (700C/650C tubular, 400/365 Clincher) it is one of the lightest rims made.  It features a custom aero nipple that requires an inexpensive special custom FLY FLY spoke tool -- Click to enlargespoke tool.  This tool is inexpensive and available from us separately or as part of a FLY maintenance kit including tool spokes and nipples.  Rim hole options include 8 standard patterns permitting a variety of front and rear wheel build configurations.  Custom drillings are also available, ask our tech staff.  Rims are sold with custom nipple included.  See configuration options.  See pricing.

Depth: 28mm
Width: 19mm
Mass: 340/310 (Tubular 700C/650C)
          400/365 (Clincher 700C/650C)

ERD 548
Holes: 12, 16, 20, 24, (Horse FLY 28, 32)

ERD 598
Holes: 16, 20, 24, 28 (Horse FLY 28, 32)

FLY rim
| Spider rim 
Spider standard rim style -- Click to enlarge

Spider aero style rim -- Click to enlarge

The Spider rim is the lightest alloy clincher rim available.  It is light without compromise to durability and quality by adding variable taper walls and a precision balanced extrusion flow design.  The braking surface walls are machined.  The nipple hole floor is reinforced.  It offers truly outstanding side-on aero drag characteristics. Even with a 19mm depth, the special cross-sectional shape makes it among the most head-on aero wire wheel rims. 

Spider aero nipple tool -- Click to enlarge The optional custom aero nipple configuration requires a non-standard but commonly available Spider aero rim spoke tool.  This tool is a 5mm or 3/16" socket driver with a narrow exterior diameter.  Many shops have this tool for working on Rolf or Campy wheels.  It can be found in high-end hardware stores and we also sell a very nice version.  Or we have one for sale.  Hole options include 6 standard and 6 aero configurations, permitting a variety of front and rear wheel builds. Custom drillings are also available, ask our tech staff. The aero rim version only is sold with custom nipples included.  See configuration options. See pricing.

Depth: 19mm
Width: 19mm
Mass: 375/345 (700C/650C)

650C, Standard
ERD 554
Holes: 20, 24, 28
700C, Standard
ERD 604
Holes: 24, 28, 32
650C, Aero
ERD 564
Holes:  20, 24, 28
700C, Aero
ERD 614
Holes:  24, 28, 32


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