Tufo S3 Tires

Nimble CROSSWIND USA Olympic paint

The Tufo S3 is one of the finest high performance tubular tires made.  It is 5 ply and has a silca tread.  It is offers excellent handling; it is light, tough, straight, handles very high pressures (220 PSI) and is a good value.  We have had very low return and defect rates from tires we have installed.  

We offer the Tufo S3 in two wheel sizes (650C and 700C), three colors (black, yellow and red), and two widths (19 and 21mm).  

Colors specifics are (1) Black, black tread and black side wall with white base tape; (2) Yellow, yellow tread with yellow side wall and white base tape; and Red, red tread, yellow side wall and white base tape.  

Tire weights are accurate and light   650C 700C  
19mm 180 g 195 g  
21mm 200 g 215 g  


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