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We are frequently asked to compare our products with other companies.  This page is a tiny portion of the huge testing database we keep.  We regularly buy and evaluate competitor products.

The information listed on this page is a brief sample of the more than 40 variables we measure. If you want details please contact us and ask for one of our technical staff.  If you call in, you will have access to product development staff to talk through any design or testing issue.  We are happy to share the knowledgebase that comes from a fully integrated in-house operation (which includes materials development, product design, product and process development, manufacturing, sales and service.)

Zipp 303

Summary:  The 303 is light with a light rim.  It has an excellent inertia.  The low 303 rim weight comes as a trade-off in its strength and stiffness.  The 303 rim is less robust than the FLY in all strength/stiffness properties (lateral strength, spoke pull through, lateral stiffness, radial compression strength, elevated temperature strength).  

The deeper rim depth does not improve its aerodynamics which are compromised by rim shape, exposed nipples, spoke count and, in side-on wind, by rim depth. The 303 is not as aero head-on nor as aero side-on as FLY (or CROSSWIND).  

The 303's choices in materials and design are well thought out and reflect Zipp's long tenured production knowledge and experience.  303 configurations available are limited to a total of 8 configurations, FLY has 24 including, a range of 3 to 4 spoke counts by rider weight, with other special order configurations offered on request.

Conclusion: aerodynamics are paramount. FLY although moderately heavier, is much more aero, better handling, stronger and cheaper. 

Measure1 303 FLY CW2
Price3 $325 $550
Head-on aero4 158 108 88
Side-on aero5 392 274 383
Rim weight6 280/296 340 310
Wheel weight7 512 710
Inertia8 82 90 117
Spoke count9 16,20,24,28/ 24,28,32  3
1700C Front wheel.  2CROSSWIND.  3Consumer price.  4Grams drag, 0 deg. 25 mph, see technology.   5Grams drag 21 deg. 22 mph, see technology6Claim/Actual.  7F7F16 FLY.  8Gram-meter-meters.  9700C.
Zipp 404 b

Zipp 909 


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