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Wheel Matching Process Overview

A Wheel Matching Process

We use a 5 step process to match riders with their wheels. We start with gathering information end with delivering wheels direct to your door.

Step 1, Who are you?

Understanding the rider to helps optimize the the wheel choice.  Rider strength, experience, riding volume, riding style, peak power and weight can all effect wheel choice.  Your equipment can also affect your choices.

Step 2, How and where do you ride?

Knowing the ride venue or ride application also helps optimize the wheel choice.  We gathered extensive data on race venues and performance criteria for different types of riding, and created a database of how a host of variables effect the design needs of your race wheels.  Long versus short, non-drafting versus drafting, flat versus hilly, straight versus twisty, steady vs. jumps and sprints, windy versus calm, training vs. racing; will all effect wheel choice. 

Step 3, Select a wheel

Nimble line of wheel has now expanded to include CROSSWIND, FLY, and Spider and will soon include new permutations of tubular and clincher rims.  In Step 3, we recommend a specific configuration including:  model, size, tire type, drivetrain, spoke pattern and any special options.

Step 4, Accessorize

Our Race Ready Programô provides all the highest performance accessories needed to complete your total wheel package.  We constantly evaluate compatible products to recommend the best available; choose tires, cassettes, brake pads and other accessories 

Step 5, Buy

Fill in the required purchasing information and our wheels will be shipped to you factory direct. You should be confident with your wheels. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 12-month limited warranty, and a no-fault reduced cost replacement program for the original owner.

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Variable Depth Rim



The patented variable-depth rim optimizes strength, stiffness, aerodynamics, and weight distribution. The improvements in mechanical properties (strength, stiffness and strength-to-weight) come from reinforcing critical load areas while eliminating surplus bulk and mass from less critical areas. The net effect is a remarkably lightweight (310 grams), very low profile (30 to 39 mm) rim.

Improvements in strength and stiffness come

Variable Geometry Spokes

The patented spoke shape design is also key to the new level of aero performance. The spoke has highly engineered "variable-surface" airfoil shapes. These shapes more efficiently address the substantial changes in air speed and direction created within the spinning wheel as it moves through the air-stream. The structure of the spoke is also unique. Placement and orientation of the composite materials have been optimized to make the spoke as responsive, light and strong as they are aero.

Mechanical Precision, Flexibility



The hubs are precision made with aerospace quality materials. They are removable from the composite wheel bodies. Should you wish to change your configuration, they can be interchanged or replaced separately. In addition to optimizing aerodynamic and ride quality characteristics, the hub and bearing designs improve on rolling performance. The bearings used are premium quality "deep grooved double sealed ball" bearings. The hub and bearing fit systems are designed to capture bearings in high precision alignment, using a proprietary "axle dominant" press fit design. The cassette rear hub uses an 18-point star ratchet clutch mechanism that offers instant engagement, tremendous torque strength and improved reliability. Hubs are available in road front, road rear Shimano compatible, and track rear versions.  Campy 9-speed riders have a 98% compatibility with the Shimano configuration.  Campy 10-speed riders have the option of using a 10 speed conversion cassette that is 100% compatible.

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total translational 117gm2

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Body Only2,4 Front Hub Rear Hub5 Rear Track
Hub only   110g 240g 178g
650c Tubular 555g 665g 795g 733g
700c Tubular 600g 710g 840g 788g
650c Clincher 616g 726g 856g 794g
700c Clincher 670g 780g 910g 848g
Quick Release 36g 39g 30g3
1Production mass data as of 3-98.
2Composite body weights may vary +/- 20g.
3Rear track hub uses steel lockdown nuts.
4Painted wheelbodies are 25-35g heavier.
5Revised hub design introduced June 2000.

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