NW Austin Sunday Practice Meeting Information

Better Serve 
Needs Through Effective Communication
We support personal and interpersonal needs and group skills to bring greater intimacy, connection, collaboration, creativity and effectiveness by working with communication and self-awareness.  We use and embody the consciousness of the teaching of Marshall Rosenberg's Non-violent Communication.

Every Sunday 
1:00pm to 
5:00 pm
We meet every Sunday 1:00 to 5:00.  You are welcome to attend any part of this time frame.  There is typically a sequence to our activities that benefits from starting at the beginning.  Please support continuity if you arrive later or leave earlier.  With our newest schedule, we intend to complete the lesson portion by 4:00.

Everyone is 
All experience and curiosity levels are welcome.  We can consider you in our planning and have enough hand out materials if you let us know you are coming.  We also welcome a last minute choice, we would like you to come!

New Every
Agenda Sequence
On any given Sunday the agenda timing follows four phases adapted to the group and materials for the day:

   1) Group connection - check in
   2) Lesson - something new every week
   3) Follow up support or deeper practice
   4) Closing - Appreciation

You are welcome to support yourself with breaks and personal snacks.  Please support the household's Vegan choices by managing and containing any items that are not Vegan. Please be prepared to leave your shoes outside. 

Where to
Find us
Where we meet
Our group meets at: 6405 Culpepper Cove, Austin TX, 78730.  
See:   Map to Culpepper

Please park in the circle.  If a 300-foot walk is difficult, please ask and we will arrange closer parking. 

How to 
Support Us
Support the space
We request $20 a person to support the effort, space and materials.  You are welcome to share more or less.  It is our desire to contribute in the fullest possible way, so we request feedback on any experience and would like to hear any request around how we might further support you.

Contact Us
Contact us
You can contact David Nayer at 512-502-0140 and leave a message.   Or you can e-mail:

You are also welcome to visit or join our Facebook group 
NW Austin Sunday Lesson and Practice Facebook Group

We look forward to connecting,  David.